Patient Forms

Policies, Consents, and Regulations

Medical Records:

  • Please follow the steps below for accessing medical records from our office:

  • Medical Chart Notes:

    Medical Chart notes for visits with our physician providers are available online on our patient portal website at:

    Patient Portal

    Please contact our office at 732-222-2250 if you require help with your user id and password to access this website.

    Once you are logged in you can access all medical chart notes by clicking on:

    Appointments” and then “Past Appointments“. All Medical Notes can then be accessed by clicking on the respective visit dates.

  • Pathology Reports:

    You may send a request for your biopsy results directly to the lab which processed the tissue: Inform Diagnostics.

    Please fill out the form below and send it directly to the lab. You can send it via fax: 866-688-9280 or via email: clientservices@informdx.com. The lab will then send you the report free of charge.

    Inform Diagnostics Medical Release Form

  • Blood Test Reports:

    All blood test reports are available online via the web portal of the lab which processed the test. Please contact the lab for any help you require to access their portal.

    If you would prefer us to handle your request for medical records, please fill out the form below and send it to us via email: messages@dermatologyclinicnj.com or fax: 732-800-0017.  Please note there will be a fee for processing this request.

    Medical Records Release (by us)